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Music Rendezvous

Every month La Médiathèque’s art deco listed room transforms into a captivating venue offering immersive live shows, creating an intimate experience that brings guests and French artists closer together.

Organised in partnership with Le Bureau export, the Music Rendezvous series focuses on French-speaking music in all its variety. It is an opportunity to showcase France's young up-and-coming artists who are generally not active on the local British scene.

The series was launched in February 2017 with a solo performance by Mathieu Boogaerts on guitar and voice. He was followed by pop singer Robi in June 2017, and a string of young artists such as Cléa Vincent, La Féline, Laura Cahen, as well as Malik Djoudi and Voyou in 2018. Artists from differerent musical backgrounds performed in 2019, including P.r2b, Le SuperHomard, L'étrangleuse and Stranded Horse. 

To find out more about these artists and to listen to their music (and much more), check out the Music section of our digital platform Culturetheque.

All gigs are £7 / £5 members & concessions. They are followed by a Q&A with the artist, in French and English. Tickets are available on the French Institute's website.


For a taster of the type of performances you can expect to see, click on the image below to check out a video clip of Malik Djoudi's concert back in March 2018:

Malid Djoudi Live @ Mediatheque

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Médiathèque | Adult's Library

Mon Closed
Tue 1pm 7pm
Wed 1pm 7pm
Thu 1pm 7pm
Fri 1pm 7pm
Sat 12pm 6pm
Sun Closed

Please note that there will be some disruption in the opening times of the Reading Room for the organisation of in-house events. Details here

Bibliothèque Quentin Blake | Children's Library

Mon Closed
Tue 1pm 6pm
Wed 1pm 6pm
Thu 1pm 6pm
Fri 1pm 6pm
Sat 12pm 6pm
Sun Closed