Click & Collect Service !

La Médiathèque is launching a contact-free borrowing & returning service from Saturday 20 June until Wednesday 22 July. The service is available on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 1.30pm and 6pm only.

If you have documents at home, please return them on these days and in these time slots by 22nd July.

For information on how to reserve documents online and on health and safety measures, please see our website.

Please also check our Library Click & Collect Service FAQ.

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To find a document, you can perform a search using a title, author, editor, subject, collection etc...

An expression : You enclose your term in quotation marks Example : "second world war".

Search with boolean operators : you can use AND, OR NOT (written in uppercase) between words or expressions.
Example : volcano OR eruption
AND is used by default between words and expressions.
Example : earthquake Haïti = earthquake AND Haïti.

Search with partial word : you can use an asterisk to search for the root of a word. Example : atom*  search atome, atomes, atomique…

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